Nature-based Solutions integrated to protect local infrastructure

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL3-2022-INFRA-01-01

Cities are undergoing a rapid transformation most notably due to their digitisation. Besides this, the need for solutions to make them more sustainable and environmentally friendly has been addressed in many research projects, mainly from the perspective of climate adaptation. In this regard, nature-based solutions combined with local knowledge offer a potential also for security research on infrastructures.

-Expand the knowledge on Nature-based Solutions
-Nature-based solutions combined with local knowledge
-Reduction of disaster risks and the potential for enhanced resilience of cities against different natural hazards
-Natural hazards including epidemics, droughts, heat waves, storms, floods, and wildfires

-Integrated Nature-based solutions for the protection of infrastructure and existing integrated risk management plans for cities and urban areas
-Adaptation and mitigation strategies for infrastructure protection applied by local authorities and operators
-Resilience of local infrastructures enhanced by integrating local knowledge from population and historical documents
-Novel construction materials and solutions resulting in more durable and damage resistant infrastructure
-Full potential of Nature-based Solutions exploited by local authorities and operators to mitigate the risks related to multiple hazards manifesting at the same time

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