Multi sites flexible industrial platform and standardised technology for improving interoperability of European access to space ground facilities

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-21

Europe needs to improve the cost efficiency of the access to space ground facilities and of launch systems production and operations for the strategic launchers essential for the implementation of EU space programme. The activities address technologies maturation applicable to strategic launch systems able to launch EU Space Programme components, with the objective of enabling operational capacities by 2030

– Multi sites flexible industrial platform
– Develop standardised and cost effective innovative technologies to improve cost efficiency of existing Test and Launch facilities, their interoperability and compatibility/attractiveness for new users

– Contribution to the overall objective of launch cost/price reduction by 50% by 2030
– Improve cost efficiency of existing European test, production and space launch facilities
– Feasibility study of an industrial platform (perimeter, technologies, costs)
– Matured technologies up to TRL 5/6 standardized technology for improving cost efficiency, interoperability of access to space ground facilities in EU, ground assets portability to speed-up deployments

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