Monitoring the multi-functionality of European forests

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL6-2023-CIRCBIO

To adequately manage forests and the services they provide, reliable, up to-date, and coherent European forest information is more important. However, one of the challenges remain how to integrate information from different sources on the many functions that forests fulfil and the benefits they provide to society. Currently, data are scattered and often focusing on a limited set of indicators, which do not adequately represent the multi- functionality of forests.

– Develop a list of parameters relevant for monitoring of a range of ecosystems services provided by forests
– Consider the latest scientific knowledge and technology
– Assess and propose suitable solutions to make these data available
– Engage in a structured dialogue with institutions and stakeholders

– Development of a comprehensive information base for all stakeholders involved in forest matters

– Successful implementation of forest-related policy objectives under the European Green Deal
– Better understanding of the quantity and quality of European forests

– Efficient implementation of possible certification schemes in relation to forest multifunctionality

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