Mission Climate adaptation and Mission Ocean and waters – Joint demonstration for coastal resilience in the Arctic and Atlantic sea basin

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-MISS-2022-OCEANCLIMA-01-01

This topic relates to the Adaptation to Climate Change Mission’s third objective, aiming to support at least 75 full scale deep demonstrations of climate resilience and to Mission Ocean, and waters’ objective 1 aiming at protection and restoration of marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity. It also contributes to the objectives of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the Water Framework Directive – including in terms of Good Environmental Status and restoration of aquatic ecosystems – and the Marine Spatial Planning Directive.

– Solutions to build resilience to climate change in coastal areas in the Atlantic and Arctic sea basin, through the deployment of nature-based solutions, including nature-based infrastructures
– Deploy full-scale demonstrations of innovative solutions with concrete measurable impacts
– Involve local actors, communities and citizens
– Carry out demonstration activities in 5 different regions belonging to the Atlantic and/or Arctic sea basin
– Involve at least 10 ‘associated regions’ as third parties to showcase the feasibility, replicability and scale up of the solutions developed

– Upscaling of innovative solutions building climate resilience for coastal areas, making communities climate-proof and weather-resilient
– Collaboration and twinning between most advanced and front-runners regions on climate adaptation
– Acceleration of synergetic transformation to climate neutrality and climate resilience in coastal areas
– Technological, logistical, social and economic innovation
– Basin-scale cooperation, including through transition arrangements
– Contributing to the implementation of the European environmental policies
– Contributing to better informed citizens and decision makers

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