Mediterranean sea basin lighthouse – Actions to prevent, minimise and remediate chemical pollution

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-MISS-2022-OCEAN-01-03

In line with the EU Zero Pollution Action Plan for Air, Water and Soil, proposals should demonstrate scalable breakthrough innovations (technological, business, social and governance) to prevent and minimize marine and freshwater pollution from chemical pollutants. Following the zero pollution hierarchy, proposals should focus on demonstrating replicable solutions to prevent and minimise pollution in the Mediterranean Sea including its major river catchment areas

-Upstream prevention of pollution from chemicals
-Identifying substitutes or alternative less polluting substances and materials for the most prevalent chemical pollutants found in freshwater and at sea
-Carrying out demonstration activities in 3 different Member States and/or Associated Countries of the Mediterranean sea basin, involving and including in the consortium entities from these three countries

-Innovative, reproducible solutions to reduce and remediate pollution from chemicals in the Mediterranean Sea basin in line with the target of reduction by at least 50% of the use and risk of chemical pesticides and to the objectives of the EU Zero Pollution Action Plan and the Convention for the protection of the Mediterranean sea against pollution and the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability
-Accelerated uptake of innovative solutions to prevent and minimize chemical pollution
-Effective monitoring of chemical pollution in line with existing methodologies under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and under the Water Framework Directive
-Contribution to the Mission’s Digital Ocean and Water Knowledge system through marine observations and open data and knowledge sharing

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