Low cost high thrust propulsion for European strategic space launchers – technologies maturation including ground system tests

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2023-SPACE-01-21

The propulsion systems represent a significant part of launch system costs. It is necessary to mature new or optimised low cost effective, high performance and green propulsion concepts, technologies and propellants for high thrust engines

-Low cost propulsion
-Reduced number of parts with extensive application of Additive manufacturing, or new composite technologies
-Associated fluidics

-Contribution to the overarching objective of launch cost/price reduction by 50% by 2030
-Innovation acceleration of enabling technologies
-Identification of mature technologies at TRL 3-4 for cost-reduction possibilities in the current European launchers
-Matured technologies up to TRL 5-6 by 2023/24, prototyping and on ground tests at engine subsystem and system level by 2025/26
-Cost reduction investigation and demonstration

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