Knowledge and innovative solutions in agriculture for water availability and quality

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL6-2023-ZEROPOLLUTION

Water availability and quality is one of the most pressing issues, affecting human health, limiting food production, limiting ecological services, and hindering economic growth. The uncertainty of water availability and its quality is a limiting factor of the resilience of agriculture to climate change, and poses a problem in relation to unknown long-term effects on human health and ecosystems.

– Produce tools and techniques to support farmers, special planners, policy makers and water managers with scientific and practical knowledge
– Develop or improve with new scientific knowledge and practice the methodology for monitoring and prediction of water quality and quantity requirements for agricultural use
– Assess and propose adaptation of water infrastructure and land use
– Develop scientific and practice advice to reduce water losses and ensure appropriate water security and quality in agricultural practices
– Technologies to support a significant reduction of the presence of pesticide residues and nutrients in water bodies

– Ensuring the quality and safety of irrigation waters

– Enhanced understanding of current water, fertilizer and pesticide requirements in the agricultural sector

– Protection of surface water and groundwater quality against harmful impacts of climate change
– Advancing the understanding and prediction of the impacts to water availability and quality of climate change affecting agricultural water consumption patterns

– Designing solutions, pathways and strategies for risk assessment, mitigation and adaptation to agricultural (irrigation) practices in the event of extreme weather pressures

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