Joint demonstration of an integrated multi-stakeholder approach to increasing landscape water retention capacity at regional scale

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-OCEAN-SOIL-01-01

This joint topic relates to the Adaptation to Climate Change Mission’s third objective, aiming to support at least 75 full-scale deep demonstrations of climate resilience, to Mission Ocean, & waters’ objective 1, protection and restoration of marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity and objective 2 – prevent and eliminate pollution of marine and freshwaters. The topic also relates to several specific objectives of the Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe”, including to reduce soil degradation and soil sealing and to prevent erosion.

-Contribute to the networking and coordination activities and joint activities of the three Missions, including establishing links with the projects funded under the Horizon 2020, the European Green Deal call and under Horizon Europe, when particularly relevant. for climate adaptation knowledge and solutions
-Include a mechanism and resources to establish links with the Implementation Support Platform of Mission Ocean and Waters and build links with other activities of this to maximize synergies, including with the EU Macro-regional Strategies and regions
-Include a mechanism and resources to establish links with the Implementation Platform of Mission Soil Deal for Europe
-Support the Ocean and Water Knowledge System, in particular by contributing to knowledge creation and data.

-Demonstrate effective and inclusive integrated multi-stakeholder approaches to the management of landscape, soil, water, vegetation at a regional level to increase the resilience of the area to climate change impacts on soils, water, habitats and biodiversity
-Demonstrate effective nature-based solutions and ecological approaches to increase landscape water retention capacity, including soil water retention capacity
-Enhance implementation of the European Green Deal, the EU Adaptation Strategy, the EU Biodiversity Strategy, EU legislation for the protection of freshwaters (such as EU Water Framework Directive and EU Groundwater Directive;) and the EU Soil Strategy for 2030

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