Interdisciplinary assessment of changes affecting terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, building on observation programmes

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL6-2023-BIODIV

Use long-time series from the enhanced Earth Observation capacity in Europe and in International Programmes together with other relevant sources of data to better understand the dynamics and functioning of ecosystems under conditions related to global change

– Assess the status and dynamics of these ecosystems, estimate their vulnerability to multiple stressors
– Extensive use of ground and/or airborne based in-situ observation using novel observing system and citizen science
– Improving modelling of ecological processes under land-use and climate change that
leads to ecosystem degradation
– Monitoring the status of natural ecosystems and assessment of the changes in relation to the underlying ecological processes
– Integrate monitoring and modelling products into existing observatories supporting
ecosystem management and conservation

– Improved understanding of the status of and threats to key ecosystems
– Improved and extensive collection of integrated ground observations of change of the functioning of ecosystems under stress
– Improved understanding of long-term dynamics of ecosystems change in Europe integrating anthropogenic impacts
– Enhanced science base supporting nature based solutions related to terrestrial, freshwater, and transitional ecosystems
– Better and more transparent quantification of various uncertainties in ecosystem data and models
– Attribution of ecosystem changes to direct and indirect drivers, and monitoring of driver effects on ecosystems through time
– Enhanced support to a better alignment of the objectives and priorities of the relevant EU directives
– Enhanced understanding of the adverse impacts of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
– Better prioritisation, design and monitoring of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystem conservation and restoration actions

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