Integration of data life cycle, Architectures and standards for complex data cycles and/or human factors, language understanding

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2023-DATA-01-02

“The European strategy for Data calls for actions to support and promote data sharing and the use of data for social and economic benefit. Proposals for this call should address the entire data life cycle from data generation/collection to the final use and disposal/deletion of data (especially when required by applicable legislation, for example the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

-Build on existing and emerging standards, models and architectures and complement/expand them as necessary in view of interoperability of systems and portability of data, especially between sectors.
-Systems and approaches should be able to process human-generated and human-related data (e.g. speech, text, images) and put data into context (including cultural, linguistic and social context)
-Seamless integration of ‘human in the loop’ (whenever full automation is not possible) should be considered where applicable

-Processing of data in vast volumes as one of the key enablers for other technological developments, supporting the competitiveness of the EU’s industrial ecosystems
-Successful deployment of data spaces involving several sectors of economy or society
-Improve data access, data sovereignty, data interoperability and data protection as an essential factor in the development of sustainable value chains respecting all stakeholder interests”

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