Integration of biodiversity monitoring data into the Digital Twin Ocean

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-MISS-2022-OCEAN-01-07

Through Mission-enabling activities, proposals will show how their activities and results will achieve the Mission’s objectives in line with the timeframe of the Mission phases. Mission-enabling activities for the objective Sustainable, carbon-neutral and circular Blue economy are addressed through this call on the themes of Digital Ocean and Water Knowledge System, public mobilisation and engagement, dynamic investment ecosystem

– Increasing flow of elevant biodiversity data based on literature, evaluations of EU regulations and results of relevant EU projects and studies and data collected by industry for regulatory purposes
-Developing the biodiversity digital component and its integration in the DTO architecture
-Demonstrating an end-to-end approach for biodiversity monitoring based on the digital environment provided by the DTO and the proposed biodiversity data sources
-Defining performance indicators to measure the success of the project and define achievable targets regarding increasing biodiversity data flows into the DTO by 2030

-Identifying relevant “sleeping” or inaccessible biodiversity data and establishment of partnerships with data owners to unlock data on marine life, and human activities that affect it, through the digital ocean twin
-Harmonising data, protocols and vocabularies, amongst biodiversity monitoring networks and actors, including citizens science programmes, and national authorities monitoring programmes
-Support to the Mission’s Blue Parks and biodiversity actions in the Mission Lighthouses

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