Innovation for responsible EU sourcing of_primary raw materials, the foundation of _the Green Deal (RIA)

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-06

Projects will enable achieving the expected impacts of the destination by increasing access to primary raw materials, in particular critical raw materials for EU industrial value chains and strategic sectors.

– Generating better geological understanding (i.e. characterization, modelling, mapping) of known mineral deposits to identify critical minerals resources and inform discovery of new resources
– Developing new genetic models for ore deposit types that host critical minerals in order to identify areas for exploration, especially in previously overlooked regions
– Deploying innovative geological, geophysical, geochemical, and data analysis approaches including modelling techniques (e.g. data analysis, remote sensing) to elucidate the geological history and structure and models of targeted spatial areas of targeted areas and to guide more environmentally friendly exploration for critical minerals, limiting impacts on biodiversity.

– Improve knowledge base of EU and third country critical raw materials to identify new areas for exploration and resource estimation;
– Promote the utilisation of UNFC (United Nations Framework Classification for Resources) and UNRMS (United Nations Resource Management System) reporting standards in the raw materials sector;
– Accelerate development of EU domestic raw materials exploration projects integrating innovative technologies that can form the basis for new EU SMEs;
– Strengthen EU autonomy and ethical sourcing of raw materials by developing socially and environmentally acceptable means of discovery and production of primary critical raw materials.

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