Initial operational capacity for Space situational awareness C2 and sensors

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Open Call Reference: EDF-2023-DA-SPACE-SSA

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) has become a key strategic and operational function to ensure access to space and for the provision of adequate support to space-enabled missions and operations. The development of an autonomous, sovereign EU military SSA capability enhancing and complementing the currently available Space Surveillance and Tracking capabilities in Europe is an enabler to ensure appropriate identification, characterisation and response to natural and man-made (including hostile) threats.


-Strengthening capability of the network of national space surveillance capabilities

-Complement activities already requested under previous EDIDP calls


-Developing technologies and products improving military space situational awareness in Europe

-Foster advanced development of components and system level technologies and products (including qualification for some parts) thus leading to a European military SSA initial operational capability

-Leveraging enhanced ground- and space-based sensors and state-of-the-art command and control, data management and processing

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