Improved quality assurance / quality control of data used in decision-making related to risk management of natural hazards, accidents and CBRN events

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL3-2022-DRS-01-03

Risk management of natural hazards and CBRN-E events closely rely on available data, taking into account uncertainties brought on by climate change and Earth dynamics. The soundness of decisions is based on quality data, which justifies that continuous efforts are made to improve their quality assurance / quality control, in particular in the natural hazards area as well as in the CBRN-E area.

There is a need to evaluate the needs for QA/QC developments in relevant areas for which physical, chemical and biological measurement data are insufficiently checked for quality, and to develop an appropriate EU-wide approach to improve and demonstrate this quality, thus ensuring a traceability and comparability of data used throughout Europe for sound risk- and evidence-based decision-making.

-Evaluation of Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) needs in areas not prone to systematic quality checks prior to decision-making in the natural hazards and CBRN-E areas, for physical, chemical and biological parameters.
-Based on past experience, organised intercomparisons among laboratories and institutes at EU level which are in charge of providing data for risk- and evidence-based decision-making in order to evaluate the comparability of data produced worldwide.

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