Future Space Ecosystem and Enabling Technologies

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2023-SPACE-01-12

Enabling technologies shall improve space systems and satellites’ flexibility and cost-efficiency, increase sustainability and accessibility, introduce mass-customisation and cooperative design as well as simplify and optimise operations. This is needed to access a large portfolio of promising commercial applications in space and on ground.

R&I on generic building blocks technologies for electric propulsion systems considering paradigms relevant for industrialisation.
– Development of technologies and concepts with a clear application, pathway to applications and business sustainability in mind.
– R&I on functional satellite modules.

-Develop a future space ecosystem, fostering the industrialisation and business in space as well as supporting scientifically meaningful missions by using synergies with terrestrial sectors
-Contribute to a sustainable, highly automated, flexible and economical viable space infrastructure
-Support activities intending to allow in-orbit demonstration/validation (IOD/V)

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