Full-Spectrum Cyber Situational Awareness for Enhanced Cyberspace Operations Support

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Open Call Reference: EDF-2023-DA-CYBER-CSA

The threat of misuse of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-technology, which makes broad-scale attacks a lot easier, poses a serious threat to EU Member States. While the threat of mass cyber-attacks has become a reality since the Russian unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, the use of AI technology to manage mass cyber-attacks has drastically increased. There is an urgent need to develop new EU solutions in order to combat increasing threats in this field, while ensuring resilience, cybersecurity and enhance cyber operations capabilities.


-Promote defence measures against AI-based cyber-attacks by developing autonomous depoyable AI agents

-Support human operators, analysts and decision-makers at all levels (technical, tactical, operational, strategic and political level)


-Conduct automated and semi-automated incident management on different cyber defence systems for the entire process of the incident management cycle

-Contribute to enhanced cyber situational awareness, increased military infrastructure resilience and improved protection against AI-based and other advanced cyber threats

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