Fight against firearms trafficking

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL3-2021-FCT-01-10

Firearms are the lifeblood of organised crime in Europe as well as worldwide.

Firearms trafficking is a big enabler of organised crime and terrorism.

– developing technological solutions for addressing new threats such as 3D printed firearms
– improving the intelligence picture in firearms trafficking developing solutions to facilitate and approximate a systematic collection on data on all firearms seizures
– developing a European-level tool tracking in real-time all firearms-related incidents or shootings and extracting continuously
updated data
– increasing knowledge on the legal limitations and room for improvement in police and judicial cooperation in the field of firearms trafficking, developing tools to enable automated cross-border exchange of ballistics information
– improving international cooperation by supporting operational cooperation between the Police Authorities and other relevant security practitioners of the EU and of third countries

– Contribution to the implementation of the 2020-2024 EU Action Plan on firearms trafficking;

– Improved intelligence picture of firearms trafficking in Europe

– Harmonised procedures in the investigation of trans-border crimes in full compliance

with applicable legislation on protection of personal data

– Improved cooperation between European Police and Border Guards Authorities, as well

as with international actors, in tackling this form of crime

– Strengthened ability of security practitioners to identify organised crime networks involved in firearms trafficking in an early stage

– Enhanced ability of security practitioners to prevent the emergence of organised crime networks involved in firearms trafficking, and respond to the threat of existing organisations

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