Fast deployed mobile laboratories to enhance situational awareness for pandemics and emerging infectious diseases

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL3-2021-DRS-01-06


The recent COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated that the ability to rapidly identify viruses on scene are crucial to ensure adequate risk assessment, optimal risk management, and proper counter measures. Consequently, a determining factor is to bring a rapidly deployable diagnostic capacity as close as possible to the crisis area


Pandemics risk mitigation comprises prevention, preparedness and post-crisis management, including networking, regional and international partnership, consolidating, coordinating and optimizing existing capabilities in terms of expertise, training, technical assistance and equipment


– Inventory and comparison of existing mobile laboratories

– New (mobile laboratory) solutions for the fast, reliable and unambiguous detection and identification of infectious agents, diagnostic tests, monitoring and mapping of contamination and enhanced field data communication to decision-making authorities.

– Strategies to orchestrate mobile laboratory capacities in the EU, and improvements in the management of trained staff in Europe

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