Extreme data mining, aggregation and analytics_technologies and solutions (RIA)

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-04

Provide ground-breaking advances in view of coping with “extreme data”, i.e. data that exhibits one or more of the following characteristics, to an extent that makes current technologies fail – increasing volume, speed, variety; complexity/diversity/multilinguality of data; the dispersed data sources; sparse/missing/insufficient data/extreme variations in values

The actions should address the integration of relevant technologies (e.g. big data, AI, IoT,
HPC, edge/fog/cloud computing, language technologies, cybersecurity, telecommunications,
autonomous systems etc.) as a means towards achieving the goals, and foster links to the
respective research, industrial and user/innovator communities

Provide better technologies, tools and solutions for data mining of large, constantly growing amounts and varieties of data, and/or extremely sparse/dispersed/heterogeneous/multilingual data, in particular IoT, industrial, business, administrative, environmental, scientific or societal data

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