European participation in global biodiversity genomics endeavours aimed at identifying all biodiversity on Earth

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL6-2021-BIODIV-01-01


DNA-based identification systems can track biodiversity change at large geographic scales and reveal the interactions among the species in a biome. On the other hand, fully sequencing life, including, when relevant, information on symbiotic organisms, microbiomes and parasites, is expected to provide new tools for the conservation, preservation and regeneration of biodiversity, drug discovery and advanced biotechnology.


– Set up one or both European hubs for iBoL and/or EBP
– Leverage resources and expertise to advance in the completion the barcoding and/or sequencing of European biodiversity in a smart and efficient way
– Contribute to the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 by generating the reference genomes of the representative species across the tree of life, leveraging the existing genome sequencing facilities


– Creation and management of the European node of the International Barcode of Life
– Creation of a European hub affiliated to the Earth Biogenome Project
– Set up the necessary networks, technologies, quality standards, reference atlas and taxonomic expertise through Europe
– Advances in the assessment of pan-European biodiversity via genome sequencing and/or DNA barcoding of threatened/endangered species, ecologically through barcoding and/or genome sequencing (animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms), ecological keystone species and economically important species
– Pan-European barcoding of pollinators by completing the Barcode of Life for European bees, butterflies, moths and hoverflies.
– Leverage active support and cooperation of citizen scientists and other non-professional taxonomists

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