Enhanced situational awareness and preparedness of first responders and improved capacities to minimise time-to-react in urban areas in the case of CBRN-E-related events

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL3-2022-DRS-01-08

Addressing first responders’ needs requires innovative actions resulting in technological, institutional and capacity-building solutions that are tailored to the risks, affordable, accepted by citizens, and customised and implemented for the (cross sectoral) needs of practitioners. Innovative solutions are required to enable first responders to get a faster overview of any disaster situation based on the knowledge of past events and prevention actions.

-Consider power consumption of front-end technology
-Focused on experimental or commercial systems that are not optimised in terms of online, continuous measurements, power consumption and hyphenation.
-Reduction of time-to-react in urban areas

-Development of novel multiplatform CBRN-E systems, to enhance situational awareness to prepare for and rapidly react to CBRN-E events
-Support of first responders’ situational awareness via high level processing solution
-Development of fast, reliable and portable devices for responders to perform an in-situ provisional identification of CBRN-E suspicious samples

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