Enhanced security and management of borders, maritime environment, activities and transport, by increased surveillance capability, including high altitude, long endurance aerial support

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL3-2021-BM-01-01


Border and coast guards, as well as other security practitioners, require capabilities to monitor wider areas beyond the EU external borders in order to prevent, detect and react to crime, including that crossing external borders, illegal border crossings and/or smuggling at the border regions of the EU and of the Schengen area. This applies to all border contexts – land, sea and air – but it may be specifically useful in the maritime domain, and these capabilities could also have a strong impact on other maritime security-related tasks beyond border control


– reach advanced capability levels concerning detection, identification and tracking, including long endurance, persistence,
reliability, and wide coverage
– have multi-tasking capabilities and be able to respond to a variety of needs and situations, including but not limited to environmental incidents, search and rescue needs, illegal migration and cross-border crimes
– offer cyber and physical security, be able to operate in groups/clusters, be highly autonomous, and offer increased endurance, taking into account better energy efficiency and cost-efficiency


– Increased surveillance capability compared to the state of the art

– Improved performance and/or safety, including better detection, classification and tracking capabilities, cyber and physical security, better cost-efficiency, better autonomy, lower visual and acoustic signatures

– Improved multi-tasking capabilities to respond to a variety of needs and situations in the surveillance of border and maritime environment

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