End-to-end satellite communication systems and associated services

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-11

The expected outcomes of this topic will enable flexible end-to-end satellite communication system (including both space and ground segment) with high productivity and growing data and service requirements. Security aspects should be considered in all targeted developments

Adress one area of R&I:
– R&I on secure quantum communications through the development of components for quantum satellite communication systems as well as of space technology components and systems necessary for Quantum Key Distributions (QKD)

– R&I on ground segment, infrastructures, protocols, development of virtual network and application functions as well as networks including end-user terminals and equipment considering the handling of a range of new needs providing scalable and resilient solutions while reducing costs

– Capture 50% of global accessible Telecom satellite market by 2028

– Showcasing a secure, flexible and competitive end-to-end-system aiming a ground

demonstrator by 2026/27

– Full inclusion and utilisation of satellite communication in 5G/6G network

– Short to mid-term disruptive development and maturation of key technologies (up to

TRL6) for high performance and secure communication systems
– Support the EU space policy and end-to-end secure communication by paving the way

for the deployment of a future EU secure and global quantum satellite communication

– Contribute to EU non-dependence for the development of quantum communication

technology in space

– Enhance the TRL to 5-6 of the components necessary to build a quantum satellite

communication capacity using EU technology in preparation of an IOD/V

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