End-to-end Earth observation systems and associated services

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-13

The expected outcomes of this topic will enable flexible satellite Earth-observation end-to-end systems, including the ground segment subsystem with explicit aspects of ground control centres and operations, as a strong subject of the “new space” and a very dynamic market environment with high potential

Adress one area of R&I:
– R&I on end-to-end systems (enhanced end-to-end system autonomy or accelerating AIT processes for small/medium series production)
– R&I on observation payload, addressing technologies and concepts for detectors and sensors, radar and optical (including IR/night capabilities)
– R&I on scalable, automatable, flexible and resilient multi-mission solutions for ground segment

– Maintain the worldwide leadership for Earth Observation system by 2028
– Short to medium term disruptive development and maturation of key technologies for high performance Earth-observation

– Contribute to EU non-dependence for the development of Earth-observation technologies

– Ground segment that meets the increased demand for data rates and volumes, satellite constellations, higher frequencies, multi-mission data with increased needs for data fusion, AI techniques and infrastructure security

– A European demonstrator mission by 2026-27, showcasing EU technologies in preparation of an IOD/V

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