EGNSS applications for the Digital Age

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-EUSPA-2021-SPACE-02-53


Proposals should deliver new innovative applications, with commercial and social benefits, impact and a clear market uptake. The standardisation of new technologies is also in the scope of the topic and might be considered by the applicant. The use of other space components such as Copernicus is highly encouraged. The developed solutions may integrate other non-space technologies like IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, drones, 5G, augmented/mixed reality etc.


– Foster the adoption of EGNSS in mass markets and professional markets.
– Create applications that will make the best use of EGNSS innovative features such as better multipath resistance, authentication etc.
– Contribute to the competitiveness of the European GNSS industry in the area of mobile applications, with special focus on the innovative role of SMEs and midcaps, and nonspace countries.
– Maximise public benefits by supporting the development of EGNSS applications that will address major societal challenges in focus areas such as health, citizen safety and security, mobility and the sharing economy.


– Internet of Things
– Mobile solutions.
– mHealth-solutions for ‘silver economy’, robotics
– Artificial intelligence
– Cybersecurity
– Sharing economy
– Sports and fitness, smart wearables

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