EGNSS applications for Smart mobility

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-EUSPA-2022-SPACE-02-51

The action focuses on the development of close to market EGNSS transport applications and mobility services through the realisation of large-scale demonstration and implementation projects, indicating the necessary scale-up needs to wide adoption in Europe and worldwide and associated standards and certification

Proposals may be submitted in any of the transport areas or propose a multi-mode approach.

– Aviation: EGNSS solutions for modernising and improving air operations and traffic management technologies, addressing Communication, Positioning, Navigation and Timing, as well as Surveillance, targeting new navigation operations powered by EGNSS, critical airport and future drone-port infrastructure management, polar routes surveillance against space weather events and facilitating integration of drones in the airspace

– Maritime: EGNSS solutions that reduce emissions in shipping and increase efficiency of operations, safety, and resilience, polar routes surveillance against space weather events and drive the modernization of the sector

– Rail: EGNSS for cheaper, smarter, higher performance, safer and emission-efficient solutions

– Road: EGNSS solutions for regulated markets that reduce traffic, optimise fuel consumption, lower emissions, and foster cheaper, smarter, safer and greener transportation, including smart public transportation

– Development of EGNSS based accuracy, safety-and liability-critical applications in long lead time market segments such as aviation, maritime, rail, road transportation and multi modal domains

– EGNSS response to the increasing mobility demands and emerging transport solutions

– Fostering the EGNSS market uptake in transport

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