EGNSS applications for Safety and Crisis management

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-EUSPA-2021-SPACE-02-52


Proposals should exploit EGNSS differentiators such as Galileo Open Service multifrequency, Galileo High Accuracy Service (HAS), Galileo Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OS-NMA), Galileo Signal Authentication Service and Galileo Search and Rescue Service (SAR) for the development of new innovative applications.


– Improved emergency disaster risk management and societal resilience. EGNSS solutions for critical services related to detection, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation of emergencies and disasters, introducing synergies between satellite navigation, earth observation and communications.
– Timing and synchronisation applications focussing on emerging network synchronisation needs of critical infrastructures (electricity, telecommunications, financial etc.) in terms of accuracy and robustness, while reducing EU dependency on other GNSS.


– Development of innovative EGNSS-based solutions contributing to a resilient and more stable Europe that protects citizens.
– Development of innovative EGNSS-based solutions addressing safety concerns, to support the implementation of EU policy priorities relating to the safety of citizens, improved disaster risk management, better security and resilience of infrastructure and vital societal functions, cybersecurity and crisis management.
– Development of innovative EGNSS-based solutions complementing the products delivered by the Emergency Management and Security Services of Copernicus.
– Awareness raising on the benefits of using EGNSS and Copernicus for emergency disaster risk management, and EGNSS for timing and synchronisation for critical infrastructures. on other GNSS.

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