Effective fight against trafficking in human beings

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL3-2022-FCT-01-07

Trafficking in human beings is a serious and organised form of crime that involves the criminal exploitation of vulnerable people, the goal of which is the economic gain. This crime is often cross-border and consistently the vast majority of its victims are women and girls, around one fourth of all victims being children. Around half of the victims are EU nationals within the EU.

-Obtaining a complete intelligence picture of this crime, the modus operandi of the related criminal groups, identifying and addressing trends, developing evidence-based policy, and measuring the impact of individual initiatives
-Development of innovative intelligence-based technological means of detecting, tracking and disrupting the online activities related to trafficking in human beings

-Provide improved and complete intelligence picture on trafficking of human beings
-Enhance ability of security practitioners to detect victims of all forms of exploitation,taking into account consistent patterns, and identify victims at an early stage
-Improved strategies of cooperation between European Police and Border Guards Authorities in fighting trafficking in human beings
-Improved policy-making related to the fight against trafficking in human beings

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