Effective fight against corruption

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL3-2022-FCT-01-05

Corruption, a criminal category that ranges from bribery of public officials via sports to abuse of power and money laundering of proceeds from crime, is a strong enabler for crime and terrorism, and, as such, it constitutes a threat to security. By creating business uncertainty, slowing processes, and imposing additional costs, it has a negative impact on economic growth.

Innovative Solutions are needed to:
-Estimate the impact of corruption.It refers to social impact, factors that promote or hinder it, impact on vulnerable groups, economic, as well as fiscal and development costs.
-Analyse the role of corruption as an enabler of other crimes.
-Prevent, Detect, and investigate this type of crime including the collection of cross-border court-proof evidence.

-Provide improved and complete intelligence picture of corruption
-Provide a comprehensive risk analysis to security practitioners and policy makers on the new opportunities offered by the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of corruptive practices
-Improved strategies of cooperation between European Police and Border Guards Authorities
-Improved policy-making related to the fight against corruption

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