Education and skills for the EU space sector

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-72

Competitiveness and innovation of the EU space sector depends on the availability of high educational standards and skilled professionals across a range of qualifications and the possibility for these professionals to upgrade and update their skills. This is also in the interest of the research and innovation community where the quality of the results and the impact of EU-funded research is a precursor of the future space sector

– The analysis of the main curricula and courses available and existing educational standards at bachelor, master and post-graduate levels as well as continuing education (training and staff qualification / certification)
– The analysis of the skills required and reskilling needs of the R&I and the industrial community
– The analysis of the match between needs and offer
– Assesment of the co-operation between academia and industry in the field of PhD studies
– Promotion of the space sector jobs and careers
– Creation of course modules in relation to Copernicus and Galileo

– An overview of the educational offer in the EU, including continuing education for the EU space sector

– Socio-economic analysis of the space-oriented student population and identification of gaps/shortcomings and excellences across the EU and Associated Countries
– Identification of the needs for education and skills in the EU space sector

– Assessment of the adequacy between curricula and sector needs

– Actions for the promotion of space jobs and career in Bachelor and Master courses

– Creation of educational material for jobs related to Earth observation and Positioning Navigation and Timing

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