Earth Observation platform for raw materials

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2023-RESILIENCE-01-06

The Earth Observation platform for Raw Materials should support the implementation of the EU’s international strategic partnerships with resource rich countries (e.g. Canada, Ukraine, Africa countries or Latin America).

– Develop leverage on existing Copernicus DIAS or other Earth
Observation platform for raw materials similar to ESA platforms
– Increase the uptake of the Earth Observation technologies to deliver a
responsible and sustainable mining industry
– Deliver on-line processing tools, services and / or products to generate value-added raw materials information products, pre-processed optical and radar data
– Improve mineral exploration at regional scale and target definition at local scale
– Map and monitor secondary raw materials in the Europe
– Should map and monitor the environmental impact of mining activities with a focus on soil, water and air pollution
– Facilitate the market uptake of solutions developed through industrially- and user-driven multidisciplinary consortia

-Develop and deploy innovative technologies, products and services based on satellite, airborne and ground based remote sensing data combined with other in-situ data sources

-Improve responsible supply of raw materials to Europe in line with the EU principles for sustainable raw materials

-Develop best practices and standards for innovate EO technologies, products and services for a more efficient permitting and environmental compliance processes.

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