Digital technologies supporting plant health early detection, territory surveillance and phytosanitary measures

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL6-2023-GOVERNANCE

Pest monitoring is typically performed through costly and time-consuming on-site visits, resulting in certain cases in limited spatial and temporal resolution. Consequently, there is a need for more cost-effective approaches to detect and discriminate infested plants and/or trees at large spatial scales and within reasonable time frames.

– Develop and test early detection strategies by exploiting digital technologies

– Enhance and optimize the use of insect traps in a network setting for an IoT approach

– Develop user-friendly and accessible tools or methods

– Contribute to disentangle biotic and abiotic stresses, enabling the early detection of pests

– Collect standardised and comprehensive data

– Assess the cost-benefits of the proposed methods;

– Integrate citizen science as a tool to monitor pests

– Increase the availability of large-scale and robust plant scanning methods to monitor plant pests, to assist territorial surveillance and help with timely eradication or optimisation of containment measures

– Enhance innovative and cost-efficient integration of methods
– Strengthen capacities to prevent entry and spread and to monitor EU regulated plant pests and support plant health territorial surveillance

– Foster transdisciplinary cooperation in the fields of plant health, environmental sciences and earth observation

– Support relevant EU and Associated Countries’ plant health policies

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