Copernicus Security and Emergency Services evolution

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-43


Upstream in the space segment, emerging EO missions in the coming decade will provide new types of space data (being new Sentinels or other contributing missions), which also require new algorithms and processing chains to be developed. Both the development of advanced processing and modelling techniques will be targeted and the exploitation of new sources of data, to create new products or significantly improve the quality and performances of existing elements-components for the benefit of users


The R&I, which needs to be addressed to tackle the below topics will investigate new and innovative methods and technologies to enhance the current services performance. Specifically timeliness access to data, the need to reduce the gap between user needs and service provision, new paradigms in data fusion, automation and inclusion of wider sets of complementary, non-EO data to demonstrate the viability of extending services to a broader range of users (relevant authorities from European to local levels) and to better monitor security and emergency threats at regional or local level.


– Enhanced quality and enhanced efficiency of the current services to respond respectively to policy and/or user requirements and to technological developments
– Significant improvement in resolution, detection capabilities, timely access to data and delivery of information according to the requirements of emergency and security applications
– Significant improvement in integration of non-space data along end-user intelligence supply chains, bringing added value at operational level (e.g. local and regional monitoring networks or field campaigns)
– Development of processing chain(s) to handle an increasing volume of satellite data, keeping underlying technology up-to-date and include new paradigms in data fusion, processing and automation to match

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