Copernicus Land Monitoring Service evolution

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-43

Mapping and land monitoring approaches are partly conditioned by the availability of satellite data.The deployment of the full Earth Observation capacities of Copernicus and the complementarities between the instruments, including outside Copernicus environment, allows to rethink of the approach including for providing a better answer to the policy needs

– Develop new and innovative methods to combine and explore data with different spatial and temporal characteristics using automatic processing for land cover and land cover status change assessment

– Dynamic approach and the integration of various sensors for enhancing the development of specific automatic processing approaches for real and near real time data processing to respond to emerging European policy needs

– Development of advanced processing and modelling techniques, for creation of new products or significantly improve the quality and performances of existing ones

– Enhanced quality and efficiency of the current service to respond respectively to policy

and/or user requirements and to technological developments

– Development of efficient and reliable new products chains, calling for new paradigms in

data fusion, data processing and data visualisation essential for the service to handle

more high-volume satellite data sets and product sets

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