Copernicus for Atmosphere and Climate Change, including CO2

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2023-SPACE-01-31

Enhanced quality and enhanced efficiency of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring and Copernicus Climate Change services to respond to evolving policy and/or user requirements and to technological developments

The areas of R&I are:
– Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service evolution
– Copernicus Climate Change Service evolution
– Research activities to develop new and innovative methods to improve the numerical requirements (accuracy, mass-conservation) for the numerical schemes in the CO2MVS system

– Continuation of the set-up of the new Copernicus service element for the monitoring of anthropogenic CO2 emissions

– Development of efficient and reliable new product chains

– Development of new algorithms and processing chains preparing for the use of new types of space observation data

– Development of innovative and robust methodologies for characterising the likelihood of occurrence extremely hazardous events as well as of compound and/or sequences of and/or cascading hazardous events in the present and in future climate

– Development of an appropriate framework for attributing extreme compound, sequences and/or cascading events to climate variability and change

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