Copernicus Climate Change Service evolution

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-41


The development of advanced processing and modelling techniques, as well as the exploitation of new sources of data, will be targeted to create new products or significantly improve the quality and performances of existing elements-components for the benefit of users. The projects shall take into account the existing service and clearly define to what extent service will be improved with new elements or products, including the use of enhanced models, algorithms, tools and techniques to generate new products


– New and innovative coupled data assimilation methods to improve the next generation of global and regional reanalyses in the climate consistency of Earth-system reanalysis datasets
– Underpinning science in predictability and new and innovative multi-model product generation to improve the realism (including representation of extremes and teleconnection patterns) of the current generation of climate prediction models.


– Enhanced quality and efficiency of the current service evolution to respond to (a) policy and/or user requirements (b) technological developments implementing the space regulation (c) complementing the challenges targeted by the Horizon Europe Mission on “Adaptation to climate change including societal transformation”

– Development of efficient and reliable new product chains, calling for new paradigms in data fusion, data processing and data visualisation essential for the service are expected to handle more high-volume satellite data sets and product sets. The baseline is to preserve continuity of what has been achieved while keeping the service modern and attractive

– Development of new algorithms and processing chains preparing for the use of new types of space observation data (being from new Sentinels, other contributing missions or ESA Earth Explorer missions) in order to allow the development of new products or the improvement of existing products.

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