Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service evolution

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-42


With an integrated modelling approach, the integration of new observational data becomes a driver for further enhancement and improved realism of the already existing production chains, assimilation systems and coupled models. The development of advanced processing and modelling techniques, as well as the exploitation of new sources of data, will be targeted to create new products or significantly improve the quality and performances of existing elements-components for the benefit of users.


– New and innovative data assimilation of atmospheric composition satellite observations to expand the use of satellite data streams in the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) operational global and regional production systems, to improve the quality of the CAMS global and regional reactive gases and aerosol information products (analyses, forecasts and reanalyses) and to deliver near-real-time observations-based emissions of reactive gases and aerosol at the global scale
– New methods and measurements for quantifying uncertainties for atmospheric CAMS composition products in the context of decision-making as well as of environmental policies development and implementation to be directly useful for the users of the product.


– Enhanced quality and enhanced efficiency of the current service
– Development of efficient and reliable new product chains, calling for new paradigms in data fusion, data processing and data visualisation
– Development of new algorithms and processing chains preparing for the use of new types of space observation data (being from new Sentinels, other contributing missions or ESA Earth Explorer missions)

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