Cognitive Computing Continuum: Intelligence and automation for more efficient data processing

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2023-DATA-01-04

“The Cloud-Edge Continuum must provide seamless management schemes to allow services and data to be processed across various providers, connectivity types and network zones. This requires innovative management techniques and computational methods of the whole computing continuum from Cloud to Edge to IoT that are enabled by Swarm computing and decentralised intelligence

-Novel automated management tools, programming models, learning, and decision-making methods and approaches able to cope with end-to-end security and identity management, resources heterogeneity, extreme scale and fault-tolerance together with elasticity to flexibly allocate resources and tasks
-Incorporation of tools and mechanisms that enable optimisation of energy efficiency and ecological sustainability taking into account end-to-end data processing across the continuum

-Enhanced openness and open strategic autonomy in the evolving data and AI-economies across the computing continuum including adapted system integration at the edge and at device level
-Establishment of adaptive hybrid computing, cognitive clouds and edge intelligence beyond today’s investments on data infrastructure
-Better international collaboration with trusted partner regions, guaranteeing a minimum level of interoperability, portability thereby fostering competition in the Cloud/Edge services market for the European market and facilitate European access to foreign markets “

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