Boosting generation and diffusion of advanced technologies in SMEs based on a supply chain model

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2023-RESILIENCE-01-42

“All the EU industrial ecosystems should adapt to the post-crisis economic environment, with new consumer and industrial demand, changed competition and new resilience and sustainability objectives. This adaptation will be particularly challenging for SMEs. The economic recovery in Europe, after the COVID-19 pandemic, will only materialise if SMEs are properly supported by adequate actions and policy measures to adapt to changed value-chains and demand. It is essential for companies to map their supply chain in order to identify critical dependencies and weaknesses in specific industrial ecosystem. There is a need for developing methodology or model that can assist companies in detecting and anticipating disruptions in their supply chains. Such a model would contribute to reduce strategic dependencies on critical products, services or technologies.

-Achieving operational independence through adoption of advanced technologies
-Drive towards less uncertainty and complexity through new technology implementation
-Fostering efficiency through AR/VR solutions enabling experts to provide remote support to on-field operations
-Push for product innovation through the adoption of advanced materials

-Build a model for each industrial ecosystem identifying disruptions and technical opportunities for uptake of advanced technologies in a supply chain
-Identify potential alternate suppliers of critical advanced technologies
-Explore concrete collaboration opportunities between different types of EU businesses, particularly tech-savvy SMEs and traditional SMEs
-Increase adoption of advanced technologies in traditional SMEs
-Demonstrate advanced technology adoption in SMEs as enablers to reduce resource, material, and energy consumption”

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