Better understanding of the interactions between climate change impacts and risks, mitigation and adaptation options

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL5-2021-D1-01-05


Actions should deliver progress in integrating the analysis of the impacts and risks of climate change, mitigation pathways and adaptation strategies into a single framework to help understand and quantify their numerous interactions. Progress is needed to better reflect the economic damages and reduced well-being due to climate change in mitigation pathway analysis.


– Integrate state of the art climate science stemming from Earth System Models, Reduced Complexity Models and similar into a common integrated assessment framework
– Improve the general understanding of the synergies, conflicts and trade- offs between mitigation and adaptation strategies
– Effective ways for bridging the gap between modelling theory and practical applications


– Understanding of the interaction, complementarity and trade-offs between adaptation and mitigation measures and policies helping to overcome the silo approach within and between them and leading to more effective climate action policies.
– Knowledge about the risk and impacts of climate change and their interaction with mitigation pathways
– Legitimacy and robustness of integrated assessment frameworks based on more realistic representation of climate processes and their impacts

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