Autonomous systems used for infrastructure protection

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL3-2022-INFRA-01-02

Time is critical to prepare and react to disruptions of infrastructures. Faster and coordinated interventions can significantly reduce the impact, avoid negative cascading effects or in the best case prevent disruptions. The increasing interconnectivity of infrastructures has also led to bigger complexity in regards to the detection and response to incidents and certain technologies can be misused to conduct attacks or targeted disruptions of infrastructures.

-Improved threat detection and response time related to infrastructure
-Autonomous systems for infrastructure protection
-More efficient coordinated interventions for infrastructure disruptions
-Risk reduction for first responders

-Autonomous surveillance, detection, and fast and coordinated response based on updated integrated contingency plans
-Long term deployment of autonomous solutions for the decontamination of large scale infrastructure in case of the release of CBRN-materials
-Long term deployment of autonomous solutions/systems/devices to detect CBRN threats in a fast, secure, and forensic way
-Consideration of system performance, interdependencies, new failure modes and conditions that need to be in place for this work as intended
-Concepts for the use of advanced materials, smart technologies and built-in monitoring and repair capabilities to reduce the destructive potential of natural disasters and (terrorist) attacks on infrastructures

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