AR/VR-empowered digital twins for modelling complex phenomena in new RI application areas

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-INFRA-2024-TECH-01-05

“The aim of this topic is to deliver digital twin solutions which advance the state-of-art of European RIs and show transformative potential in RI operations. The solutions should pave way for new ways to conduct experiments by the RIs through AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality) empowered digital twins. Mixed reality (XR) technologies can also be considered.

-Development of Digital Twin solutions for RIs that take advantage of AR/VR technologies for interactive visualisation and bring together the available relevant data resources in the specific topical area
-Validation and Prototyping of technology to cope with a large and representative application area to test the relevance of the solutions with the needs of relevant industrial, scientific or policy end users
-Prepare for take-up of the developed solutions by clearly identified and involved industrial, scientific or policy end users, and include relevant training for the operation and use of these new solutions

-Improve availability of advanced modelling and prediction capabilities aimed at industrial, scientific or policy end users on fundamental, complex and socio-economically relevant real-life phenomena, including consideration of the posibility to replace the need for physical experiments and interventions by using digital twins
-Enhance competitiveness and improve effectiveness of European RIs
-Improve integration of RIs into local, regional, and global innovation and decision support systems”

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