Airborne electronic warfare

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Open Call Reference: EDF-2022-DA-AIR-AEW

The proliferation of advanced long-range Integrated Air Defence Systems (IADS), incorporating threats that can operate across different frequency bands and attack aircraft at ranges up to 400 km, could create Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) areas. In such A2/AD areas, which could equally affect EU Member States’ and associated countries’ airspace, air operations including projection of forces by air would not be possible in case of emergence of a crisis.

-Development of complementary building blocks technologies and components addressing the electronic warfare challenges and the development and the production of a prototype as an airborne electronic attack capability demonstrator by the end of 2027
-Threat identification and tracking should be addressed, as the prerequisite for effective electronic counter measure (ECM)
-Consider potential synergies and complementarity with ongoing projects at national, multinational or EU level

-Enable any platform involved in AEA missions to adapt to the latest in electronic warfare (EW) requirements, which include (soft) suppression of enemy air defences, escort role, electronic attack, self-protected/time-critical strike support, and continuous capability enhancement
-Develop in the area of electronic attacks
-Develop a set of building blocks to be installed in different platforms and systems leading to the reduction of the operational risks related to EU Member States and Norway air force engagements within European territories as well as the force-projection in other potential areas of operations.

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