AI, Data and Robotics for the Green Deal (IA)

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-09


Proposals are expected to integrate and optimise AI, data and robotics solutions in order to demonstrate, by addressing use-cases scenarios in actual or highly realistic operating environments, how they can directly contribute to the Green Deal. The proposed methodology should be supported by industry or service relevant KPIs, making the case for the added value of such technologies, and demonstrating scalability, and deployment potential. Technology performance as well as added value to the application field should be demonstrated by qualitative and quantitative KPIs, demonstrators, benchmarking and progress monitoring. The environmental impacts of the proposed solutions should also be taken into account when making the case for the added value of the technology for the environment.


While the proposals must be application driven, involving problem owners to define needs and validate the proposed solutions, the focus is on optimising enabling AI, data and robotics technologies to maximise the benefit they bring in such applications. Proposals should adopt a concrete problem solving approach, exploiting and optimising the most suitable technologies and solutions at hand. The focus should be on real-world scenarios, which can benefit in short to mid-term from the technology and solutions and demonstrate substantial impact on the Green Deal, while taking into account the maturity of the technologies to solve the problems at hand.


– Innovative AI, data and robotics solutions for resource optimisation and minimisation of waste in any type of sector (from agri-food, to energy, utilities, transport, production, etc.), reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions including exploitation of all data and information sources contributing to optimising applications for a greener planet.
– Optimised AI, data and robotics (including modular and adaptive solutions) to maximise contribution to the Green Deal in various applications such as environmental and waste management
– Advanced physical intelligence and physical performance of robotics solutions in diverse harsh environments serving the Green Deal.

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