Agroecological approaches for climate change mitigation, resilient agricultural production and enhanced biodiversity

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL6-2021-CLIMATE-01-05


Agroecology can provide an important contribution to achieving these objectives, while at the same time enhancing food and nutrition security, thus contributing to achieving the objectives of the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies and the Sustainable Development Goals. Agroecology is a holistic approach that relies on and maximizes the use of ecological processes to support agricultural production. By working more with nature and ecosystem services, agroecology has the potential to increase the circularity, diversification and autonomy of farms, and drive a full transformation of farming systems, from input substitution and beyond.


– Improve knowledge of the contribution of agroecological practices to climate change mitigation, increased adaptation of farming to climate change, and preservation and enhancement of biodiversity
– Indentify, evaluate and deliver a method that allows identification of the optimal combinations of agroecological practices and the most suitable agroecological strategies that efficiently contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation
– Improve existing indicators and develop new ones where relevant, to monitor and measure the qualitative and quantitative impacts of these strategies
– Develop tools to identify and monitor both the implementation of agroecological practices in farm management and the full-farm agroecological approaches
– Undertake an analysis of the social, environmental and economic sustainability performance of such strategies and analyse the potential to integrate such practices in business cases at farm level


– Increased and robust evidence of the potential of agroecology for climate change
– Qualitative and quantitative data availability of the social, economic and environmental sustainability and performance of agroecological strategies
– Increased understanding, adoption and implementation of agroecological practices by farmers
– Improved understanding of the definition of agroecology with regard to the European context and of its application to European farming

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