Advanced radar technologies

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Open Call Reference: EDF-2022-RA-SENS-ART

Emerging technologies lead to the increased appearance of threats that are difficult to detect and track due to their low radar cross-section (RCS) (e.g., stealth technologies), manoeuvring characteristics (e.g., hypersonic weapon systems, slow- moving airborne units) or saturation attack tactics. Facing such a wide spectrum of threats (in terms of variation of speed, angle of approach and altitude), existing surveillance systems are reaching their limits in terms of detection range, angular domain coverage, and tracking capabilities.

Development of electronig components and their integration that help to accomplish:
-improved size/weight/power ratios through miniaturisation and system integration
-integration of new technologies to increase the system’s adaptability to environments and operational scenarios
-demonstration of agile and precise radar beam steering and detection performance

-Agile digital beamforming to optimise observation time, volume coverage and detection reliability
-System characteristics such as wide or ultra-wide band coverage, low noise, high coherence
-Software defined waveforms with high degree of flexibility and use of multiple bands
-Data processing functions to enhance detection performance, target recognition and classification, notably with respect to new threats

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