Accelerating the deployment of new and shared mobility services for the next decade

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Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-02-04

New and shared mobility services have shown that they have the potential to meet urban dweller’s needs while at the same time bring about a more rational use of cars. However, in order to succeed at delivering ‘’Mobility As a Service’’ and address the challenges that cities face, high-quality, user centric, and reliable new mobility solutions need to be offered as a credible alternative to the private car, coupled with safe and integrated infrastructure.

New solutions should be explored and deployed for newly designed or existing transport infrastructure to accommodate new and shared mobility services. Mobility services that could be considered are, for example: micro mobility, including bike/scooter sharing, demand responsive transport, carpooling or car sharing. The services deployed should enable the idea of a social optimum in mobility from several perspectives (including socio-economic, environmental, health, accessibility; gender and inclusion; and safety and security aspects) while considering the implications for transport infrastructure and urban design.

– Congestion and air pollution reduction, reduced road risk, social inclusion, accessibility in each city
– New and shared mobility services
– Designing transport infrastructure
– Policy research

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