New Network Gives Airtime to Earth

 New Network Gives Airtime to Earth

Climate change challenges the future and forces us to think about how we want to live. More than an environmental problem, climate change is a break from old thinking. This old thinking is currently ubiquitous in what we see and hear on a daily basis, in particular in the traditional public media offering. Therefore, a new Dutch public broadcaster has seen the light: ‘OMROEP GROEN’, translated from Dutch: ‘Green Broadcasting Company’

Omroep Groen is an initiative of TV producers Taco Zimmerman from Tuvalu Media and Carolijn Borgdorff from Moondocs. Their idea behind the new network: the Earth needs attention!

If there is one thing the Earth needs, it is attention. That is why there is now Omroep Groen. The first public service broadcaster to give Earth airtime.

With a ‘good old’ public channel, full of green radio, TV and streaming initiatives, we can give the earth the attention it deserves in a new way. So that the whole of the Netherlands will do its best for her. Because the more attention there is for the earth, the more we will appreciate it.

The Earth urgently needs new members. 50,000 to be exact. Before January 1.

Join the Earth. Become a member of Omroep Groen.

Omroep Groen website

Omroep Groen is based on a belief in a collective future, a world in which views may differ, but where we find progress in dialogue. The producers want the Earth to be at the center of productions for TV, radio, podcast, social media and online content. “We are the first generation to experience the direct consequences of climate change, but also the last to be able to do something about it”

The network is founded to highlight an unprecedented climate transition. What does this great all-encompassing transition mean for normal day to day business? Life as it used to be is no longer feasible. We will have to leave old habits and change our behavior for good. It is really a mental transition. Climate change will keep society in its grip in the next decades and everything we do and decide, our whole way of life, will be linked to it.

As for Omroep Groen and other news outlets easy access to reliable and relevant Earth observation data that meets the requirements of investigative and research journalism will be key. Therefore, new, smart collaborations between science and media will be needed to explain the science in a way that is suitable for mainstream media, and fact check all opinions about climate change.

Click here to access the Omroep Groen website (in Dutch)

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