The Brijuni Conference

By Adriatic Aerospace Association



Brijuni National Park


– Organiser: Adriatic Aerospace Association
– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: In-person

The Brijuni Conferences bring an up-to-date perspective of the present state of a given topic with the fundamental scientific philosophy to stimulate a cross-disciplinary flow of knowledge and expertise from both the science and technology standpoints. The topic of the following conference is to discuss challenges that space environment represents to human activities in space and dangers to life and society on Earth. Space hazards are near-Earth objects (NEO), mainly human made, those that come from deep space in the form of dust, meteorites or asteroids and the Solar storms that define space weather. The conference shall be the place to discuss defence against the imperils these objects embody and propose mitigation measures their effects. The topic is stringently interdisciplinary involving advanced propulsion, detection, navigation, and artificial intelligence. General topics: space debris risks, NEO asteroid risks and space weather risks shall also be significant part of discussions. New ideas that meet these challenges shall be discussed in the interdisciplinary spirit and informal flow of ideas. Tranquillity of beautiful nature of the National Park Brijuni is ideal place for discussing Space science and technology.