SpaceBR Show



Sao Paulo,


– Language: English
– Virtual or in-person: In-person

The first SpaceBR Show edition took place in November 2021, in a 100% online format due to the Covid-19 pandemic, for 5 thousand participants from 42 countries. The second edition was held in person from May 17 to 19, 2022 at the Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo (SP), with 4,200 participants from 30 countries, 30 speakers and 84 exhibitors.

The third edition took place in 2023 at the same location, from May 9 to 11 with 5,700 participants, 120 exhibitors, 33 countries and 150 speakers. In this edition, we had a startup competition, an international business roundtable and the 2nd IILA Meeting with space agencies in Latin America. Simultaneously, two other events with great synergy took place in the same place: MundoGEO Connect, on geospatial technologies: and DroneShow, about drones, in addition to Forums about eVTOL and Autonomous Mobile Robotics.

The purpose of this fourth edition of the event, which will take place from May 21 to 23 in São Paulo (SP), but in a new location Expo Center Norte, with 9,000 square meters – is to show the potential for new business generated by space exploration for the Latin American community. For this, the event will connect private companies, government, universities, research institutes, startups, investors and users of solutions that come from space.

In this international event, we will have a space sector trade fair and a forum with simultaneous translation, where regional and global trends and opportunities will be presented and discussed for the entire production chain of the space sector, formed by companies and institutions that work with launch vehicles, satellites and in the provision of services in general.